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Executive Inquiry System (EIS)


The Executive Inquiry System© (EIS) is customized and designed to provide key statistics crucial to the operation of each firm. It is primarily designed for use by Firm Management, Practice Group Leaders, Office Heads, Managing Partners, and all Attorneys. Many firms choose to provide EIS to the entire firm to provide an excellent tool for managing clients, timekeeper workloads, and firm statistics at all levels. In addition, it is an excellent substitute for paper reports.

All inquiries are customizable along with any firm-specific attorney roles. Having installed EIS in over 90+ firms, we most likely have seen your request before. Our expertise will assist the firm in deciding the key statistics that will make EIS more powerful and pertinent to your firm.

EIS can be installed in just a few hours, and customized to reflect your firm’s key statistics with minimal investment of firm resources. It is designed to be intuitive, and users can be trained in less than 15 minutes.

The Big Benefits

  • Complete desktop inquiry system designed to meet the needs of attorneys, finance staff, and firm management that want to better understand the data is locked up in Aderant®, Elite Enterprise®, and Elite 3E®
  • Comprised of three different sections: classic, business intelligence, and my reports
  • Merge your firms’ systems until a complete conversion can be scheduled
  • Robust ad-hoc reporting tool with advanced abilities
  • Provides drilldown abilities and ad hoc query tools
  • Deploy alerts straight to your attorneys’ desktops

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Steere Executive Inquiry System History

Key Features

Ad-Hoc Inquires

Use the data available in the EIS Warehouse to group, sort, filter, Top X, even look at data across several years in just minutes.


This functionality is only available in EIS BI. It’s unique, it’s powerful, and it’s easy to use. This feature allows you to build lists by running a single or many queries across your BI. Then apply this list to a final query result.

My Reports

Create standard or ad-hoc reports in EIS BI, then share them with other users. One can allow changes to the report or lock it down.

EIS Business Intelligence (BI)

EIS BI is a one-of-a-kind product that puts the ability to create, run, and share ad hoc and standard inquiries into the financial power user’s hands. Finance won’t need to wait for IT to write a special report to get their data.

EIS BI is available for all of the EIS inquiries as well as custom inquiries and is generally made available to EIS power users. It leverages the power of the EIS warehouse yet allows ad hoc queries and reports to be easily created and saved. One can easily select which data to include, up to 5 levels of sorting and up to 4 reporting breaks, Crosstab (Pivot), and much more.

Key Benefits

My Reports

Classic Inquiries and Business Intelligence (BI) come together to create one powerful tool. Write reports in BI and share reports with attorneys with a single click.

Attorney and Client Groups

Establish ad hoc attorney or client lists, then use these groups to filter your data when standard filtering does not provide the customized view you need. Groups may be public or private.


Customize an Inquiry to summarize all the data on one page. Quickly drill-down to see the details of that data. Common Summaries: Attorney, Client, Office, Department, Practice Group, Matter Budget. Let’s talk about what we can do for YOUR firm.

Easy Grouping, Sorting, Filtering, and Drilldown

By using Intellistat Analytics as your repository, your firm can move to a technologically current solution and complete other initiatives this fiscal year.

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