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Steere BudgetManager


BudgetManager© is an effective business tool for streamlining the creation of matter budgets, tracking budget to actuals (fees and disbursements), profitability, alerts, data warehousing time history, predictive coding, and managing projects. BudgetManager© is fully integrated with Aderant and Elite (Enterprise and 3E).

The Big Benefits

  • Budgeting
  • Scenarios
  • Legal Project Management (LPM)
  • Reporting
  • Allocations

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Steere BudgetManager History

Key Benefits


Simple to complex budgets. Budget with or without phases and tasks. Alternative fee arrangements, versioning, budget-to-actuals, templates, Gantt charts, milestones, and alerts are some key BudgetManager© features.


Scenarios are a series of quick questions a user answers when creating a budget. Scenarios can calculate a budget and capture data that can be later mined for information. It allows the firm to refine the budget with minimal input from the attorneys.

Legal Project Management (LPM)

Create and monitor milestones to be completed for a budget. Each milestone may be assigned to an individual with a deadline date. A status may be assigned along with a % complete based on hours or % of task, begin date, and completion date.


BudgetManager© has a diverse variety of standard budget to actuals reports. The 19 standard reports are built-in SSRS and can be customized by, or for, the firm. Some of the reports are Dashboard, Attorney, Client Status, Allocations, Attorney, Gantt, Compare Budgets, Line Chart, etc.


Allocations show where you are against the budget to-date, not just the full budget. Budget across periods of time to determine when various tasks might be billed. Periods may be weeks, months, quarters, semiannually, annually, or life-to-date.


Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics allows you to data-mine time entries from your time and billing system into BudgetManager© for sophisticated data analysis. The data warehouse or data mining feature allows you to copy time entries into warehouse tables within BudgetManager© and quickly scrub and massage this data for accurate analysis.



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