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Intellistat Analytics


Intellistat Analytics is a comprehensive, centralized BI platform that provides access to key performance metrics through drillable, interactive visualizations for users of Aderant®, Elite Enterprise®, and Elite 3E®. The robust data warehouse provides month-end reporting capability every day, making multi-contextual analysis available in minutes. Intelligence Drill-Down (IDD) allows for instantaneous access to statistics through browser-based inquiry.

Intellistat Analytics transforms a migration to Elite or Aderant from a disruptive multi-year event into a simple upgrade. By eliminating the recreation of reporting and profitability analysis systems or the need to migrate historical data from your Elite Enterprise system to your new billing software, Intellistat Analytics saves months in implementation time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in services.

The Big Benefits

  • All your firm’s information in a single location
  • Migrate in weeks, not years
  • Eliminate new system training for your staff
  • Don’t sacrifice other IT initiatives to move off Enterprise
  • Rapid access to key operating performance metrics
  • SQL Server database resides on its own warehouse, lessening impact on your operational system
  • Automated management of individual partner, shareholder, partner candidate, and associate performance

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Intellistat Analytics History

Key Features

Robust Data Warehouse

With a culmination of over eight years of development effort and a combined forty years of financial system experience. Refreshed nightly, the warehouse provides month-end reporting capability every day. Offering firm-defined security, the warehouse resides on its own SQL/ Server database to lessen the impact on the operational system.

Multi-Contextual Analysis

Locate information in one context (offices, practice areas)and then consider it in any other context (regions, departments, etc.). With information presorted into contexts, any piece of information is immediately available and complex analysis is completed in minutes, not hours.

Partner Performance

Automate the management of individual performance by providing an interactive environment that can be used for referencing performance metrics of an individual Partner, Shareholder, Partner Candidate, or even an Associate.


Track profitability for all statistics at all reporting levels, including worked, billed, collected, A/R, WIP as well as dual profitability costing rates. The feature also includes a comprehensive profitability report and pre-configured statistics.


The reporting feature gives you the ability to create your own statistical measurements and create your own reports, which can be rendered in either PDF or Excel format. The software also offers comprehensive filtering so you can tailor your report to specific circumstances.

Key Benefits

All your firm’s information in a single location

Whether it’s data from last year that was in your Enterprise system, or time entered today in your new billing system, it’s all available in a single repository, with all the analytical features Intellistat users love.

Migrate in weeks, not years

By only migrating work-in-progress and open Accounts Receivable data, the project scope is simplified by an order of magnitude, reducing cost, time, and disruption to your firm. Further, your teams continue to use the same business analytics tools with 3E or Aderant as they have on Enterprise.

Eliminate new system training for your staff

Apart from your transactional users, most of your staff will live and work in the Intellistat system, eliminating the need to learn new ways of reporting and analyzing information.

IntelligenceDrill-Down (IDD)

Unleashing the power of Intellistat Analytics, users can instantaneously access statistics through browser-based inquiry. Rapid drill-downs, from firm-level stats all the way down to individual invoices and timecards, replace key operational reports and procedures that used to take days to produce.

Don’t sacrifice other IT initiatives to move off Enterprise

By using Intellistat Analytics as your repository, your firm can move to a technologically current solution AND complete other initiatives this fiscal year.

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