How BigHand helps BD Mediation deliver excellent client service with the help of voice technology

BD Mediation offers family mediation services for separation and divorce in the West Berkshire area. With BigHand Speech Recognition, BD Mediation "can easily dictate discussion notes, gathering all the information whilst fresh my mind."

With a busy schedule often full of long meetings with her clients, Bernadette needed a way to accurately keep a record of her client’s agreements without running the risk of missing any key information. BigHand Speech Recognition offered an effective way for her to capture her thoughts quickly and easily without losing the nuance of the discussions.

As Bernadette explains, “I often encounter sensitive situations with my clients, and emotions can run high in meetings. It’s important that I can navigate these discussions whilst also remembering to capture all the key points raised. With BigHand Speech Recognition, I can dictate the meeting notes directly into my mobile phone, from any location and produce the necessary Outcome Summary document in a timely fashion, so all parties are aligned with the decisions made at the time”.

Bernadette continues, “With BigHand Speech Recognition, I can easily dictate discussion notes, gathering all the information whilst it is fresh in my mind. This saves a significant amount of time by not having to manually type meeting notes and I have the peace of mind that everything has been documented. I can then move on to preparing for my next client meeting, and work on any edits to the transcribed text at a more convenient time”.

The software is an ideal solution for small and medium organisations due to the combination of the subscription pricing, minimal IT requirements, smart workflow options and mobility benefits. It can be downloaded and installed over the Internet and there’s no need for any costly server or database software.

Bernadette concludes, “The software was much easier to install and use than I expected. The turnaround time is quick, with most of my dictations taking between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and less than five minutes for the text to be returned to me. I’ve also seen great results with the accuracy of the returned text, usually around 95% correct, and I love the flexibility of being able to come back and add to a dictation if I remember something later. With BigHand Speech Recognition I have been able to turn vital documents around quicker which provides a better service for my clients, whilst saving myself time in the process."

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