The Future of Law Firm Back Office Services and the Operational Blind Spot
In this whitepaper, we share findings from The Survey on the Handling of Administrative Support Work in Law Firms, which includes data captured information from law firm operations executives with titles such as COO, CFO, Executive Director and Chief HR Director, from firms ranging from 100 to 3,500 attorneys.


BigHand commissioned Altman Weil, a leading management consulting firm focusing solely on the legal industry, to survey law firm operations executives to better understand how firms are managing their administrative work. The objective of the survey was to understand how motivated firms are to achieve improved operational efficiencies, productivity gains and improved deployment and service quality among their administrative support staff. Additionally, we sought to gauge their confidence in whether the right work was being done by the right people, at the right levels, and determine whether they have reliable data and information to guide their staffing decisions and overall resource management. Download the full report above.