Legal Matter Pricing Report
From September – October 2020 we surveyed 250 legal finance professionals, in conjunction with TVPI and ALPMA, to uncover the latest trends in legal pricing strategies, including the impact of COVID-19, the rising demands for client pricing transparency, and the need to improve people, process and technology in response. Download the resulting report here.

What's in the report?

The survey results uncovered the current flaws in law firm pricing and budgeting processes, and pinpoint key areas of improvement needed for firms to plan for the future, including the implementation of the right tools that can deliver accurate pricing up front, real-time and continuous monitoring of budgets throughout a matter lifecycle, and seamless provision of cost transparency to clients, partners and finance teams.

Sally Swift
Global Legal, Operations & Innovation , NBC Universal
Emma Elliott
CEO, Australasian Legal Practice Management Association
Rob Stote
Managing Director, Financial Productivity , BigHand