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The Legal Pricing and Budgeting Report
The Legal Pricing and Budgeting Report collates data from over 800 senior legal finance and pricing professionals, Managing Partners, Practice Managers, and Finance Systems roles from law firms across the UK and North America with 100+ lawyers. The findings give a unique view into the latest legal pricing and matter budgeting trends including:
  • Escalating client expectations, including demands for increased financial transparency and AFAs
  • The impact of the pandemic on billable hours, write-offs, and PEP
  • How law firms are responding, including the expansion of AFAs
  • The state of law firm matter budgeting and tracking against actuals and its impact on the bottom line
  • How People, Process, and Technology are more important than ever as firms return to ‘normal’ working patterns and plan for the next phase of growth

What's in the report?

BigHand’s Legal Pricing and Budgeting Report 2021 confirms the extraordinary pace of the change occurring within law firms and the rapid evolution towards real-time visibility of all matter pricing across the firm to enable individuals to take responsibility, deliver client value and maximize profitability. Report sections include:

  • Supporting Clients Through the Pandemic
  • Taking Steps to Retain Profit
  • Evolving to Meet Client Demands
  • Improving Matter Budgeting Process
  • Investing in People to Improve Matter Management
  • Empowering Lawyers with Data Visibility
  • Committing to Pricing Technology and Reporting


Download the full report above, or preview the findings in the infographic below.

Download the full report above.

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