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The Legal Resource Management Report
Resource Management in a Hybrid Working World:
High Stakes, High Reward

Key themes in the report:
  • The allocation of legal work (specifically between lawyers) and removing bias​
  • The implication of work allocation on profitability and DEI initiatives​
  • Maintaining and enhancing client relationships / building trust​
  • Hybrid working, knowledge transfer and providing fair access to work across a dispersed workforce​​
  • Staffing – recruitment, retention, work/life balance​
  • Keeping profitability high post pandemic​

What's in the report?

The past year has placed huge new challenges on law firms – from partners to junior associates and support staff. While staff have proved to be resilient and committed to maintaining a high level of client service, there is no doubt that working from home has created a disconnect between teams. This has affected not only profitability but also impacted many of the recently established processes designed to impact diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

In this report, we share data gathered from 914 legal management professionals, from firms of 50+ lawyers in the UK, North America and APAC. See what they said....

Download the full report above, or preview the findings in the infographic below.

Download the full report above.