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Cash Flow and Profitability Survey Report
Data visibility is fundamental to achieving global profitability and to executing cash flow improvement strategies. As law firms continue to evolve their commercial and operational models, BigHand commissioned the Cash Flow and Profitability Survey of senior legal personnel to better understand the way firms are managing their cash flow, and the new commercial model. From debt management to the decision making around pricing and the use of incentives, how effective are current strategies for improving cash flow and profitability? Are firms effectively using accurate and up to date financial data to support these strategies?

What's in the book?

  • Executive Summary
  • Research Overview
  • Understanding the Causes of Lock Up / Inventory
  • Profit Loss - Where is the Profit Leakage?
  • Driving Change Through Lawyer Compensation
  • Expert Commentary

Author image
Rob Stote
Chief Product Officer, BigHand
Author image
Mark Medice
Principal, LawVision
Author image
Chris Ryan
Managing Director, HBR Consulting
Author image
Christine Indiano
Senior Manager, HBR Consulting