Webinar: Improving Client Engagement to Safeguard Profitability – Report Review & Findings

BigHand’s latest research report, ‘Improving Client Engagement to Safeguard Profitability’, uncovers how global firms are enhancing matter pricing to increase efficiency, profitability, and performance, and offers effective strategies to help your firm stay competitive. 
Join BigHand’s VP Financial Productivity Sales, Rod Wittenberg, and Solutions Manager, Andrea Menezes, as we kick-off our “Pricing for Profit” webinar series with an in-depth report review based on research collected from 800+ senior legal finance professionals. 
In this data-driven session, you’ll learn how your peers are: 
- Navigating the current financial climate through increased pricing investments 
- Implementing firm-wide incentives to reduce profit leakage and accelerate profitability 
- Empowering lawyers with real-time matter pricing data for improved client transparency