BigHand announces the global launch of BigHand 5

BigHand has announced that the latest version of their voice enabled technology, BigHand 5, will be available later this year.

As of October 1, 2015, organisations will be able to purchase the latest version of the technology, which brings together technology enhancements, exciting new features and an intuitive new user interface for a familiar, yet enhanced experience.

More advanced and useful than ever, BigHand 5 promises to deliver an end to end workflow solution that incorporates speech, task delegation, document creation and process improvement to help busy people achieve more in less time.

Jon Ardron is CEO at BigHand. “We have worked with our clients over many years with our highly successful Digital Dictation solutions and have built on this deep customer knowledge to extend our offering further," he says. "BigHand 5 is the next step in BigHand’s evolution. It brings together some of our most popular features, as well as incorporating some of our new products like

  • BigHand Workflow Management - our task delegation solution - and;
  • BigHand SmartNote, our document automation solution.

"All of these new products integrate seamlessly with our core Digital Dictation functionality. The result is a complete solution that lets busy people work more effectively and efficiently where ever they are.”

BigHand 5 will be launched at BigHand’s Annual User Conference, which will be held on October 1st at 155 Bishopsgate, London. The event promises to be informative and fun, with a mixture of workshops, keynote speakers, live entertainment and a full showcase of BigHand’s latest technology.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the release of BigHand 5," Ardron says. "We have been developing solutions to help people work smarter since 1995 and BigHand 5 is the result of years of hard work and collaboration with our clients. We have always delivered solutions to our clients that are easy to use and easy to implement, and BigHand 5 continues this philosophy, giving our customers access to extremely powerful tools that people will actually be able to use. This year’s User Conference is going to be a true celebration of our technology, all of which has been shaped by our clients - and one of most memorable and significant days in BigHand history!”

BigHand’s aim is to be the industry’s most supportive and helpful technology partner – single-mindedly focusing the enthusiasm and skill of all BigHanders on helping busy people be more effective. As a testament to this focus, BigHand now supports 545,000 people globally across 2,550 organisations. The business has grown by 17% year on year since 2013, and BigHand 5 is expected to accelerate this positive trend.

About BigHand 5

BigHand 5 is the successor to the award-winning BigHand platform. It has been re-engineered from the ground up to give users access to more advanced functionality - such as the capture of non-dictation tasks and improved Speech Recognition proofing – as well as a more streamlined technology and user experience.

BigHand 5 is a highly secure and agile platform, able to perform well with extreme workloads, and is built using a comprehensive set of APIs, enabling stronger and quicker integration into other systems.