Iridium is now part of BigHand!

Product Video - Iridium Financial Products Overview

Iridium is now part of BigHand!

In 2022 BigHand acquired Iridium Technology, extending BigHand's product lines to include the Iridium BI, Intellistat, Steere, and SmartTime product families. Read the news here, and find all the products linked below.

Watch this video for an overview of our Financial Productivity products.

Iridium BI
Iridium BI (now BigHand) provides law firms with their choice of high performance cubes and dashboards. All content can be customised based on the firm’s business requirements. The dashboards are built on the powerful concept that there should be a goal for every value that is displayed. For every component, we have thrown out the traditional architectures and approaches and built revolutionary new components that provide phenomenal performance and capabilities.
Iridium BI

Iridium BI is now fully supported by BigHand and called "BigHand BI - powered by Iridium."

Intellistat Products
The Intellistat (now BigHand) product family drives data to decisions. All of the key metrics, tracking, and reporting your firm needs are right at your fingertips. From financial reporting, to matter planning & pricing, and more – your firm’s needs will be met. The Intellistat products are fully customisable, and we offer excellent customer support to ensure that you’re satisfied with your product choice.
Intellistat - Budgeting and Forecasting

Intellistat's Budgeting and Forecasting tool joins the BigHand product line. See it here.

Intellistat - Partner Performance

Intellistat's Partner Performance tool joins the BigHand product line. See it here.

Steere Products
The Steere (now BigHand) product family helps law firms to make well-informed decisions and streamline daily business activities. From alerting systems, to inquiries and reports – these products are designed to make your firm’s activities easy to manage. With all of the necessary data at your fingertips, making data-informed decisions is a streamlined and efficient process. Your reporting and financial analysis will be a breeze, giving your firm excellent insights into profitability at your law firm.
Steere - AlertManager

Steere's AlertManager tool joins the BigHand product line. See it here.

Steere - PreBillManager

Steere's PreBillManager tool joins the BigHand product line. See it here.

SmartTime is designed to effortlessly streamline the timekeeping process in your law firm. Are you struggling to get your timekeepers to accurately track their billable hours? Looking to make timekeeping more efficient? Or, maybe you want to find 8-10 additional billable hours every month for each timekeeper? SmartTime can help with all that and more.

SmartTime joins the BigHand product line. See it here.


Who is BigHand?

BigHand was founded in 1996, is a leading software technology company and has offices in the UK (HQ - London), North America (Chicago & Seattle) and Sydney. BigHand started as a voice technology company and over the past seven years have expanded their product offering based on customer demands.

In addition to BI and Pricing, BigHand’s extensive product offering also includes workflow management, resource management, document management and pitching & proposals.

BigHand works with 87% of the Top 200 UK law firms, 72% of AMLAW 200 firms and has 4,200 customers globally.

BigHand is a people focused business; the BigHand team focuses on providing the best possible service to customers, as well as creating the best possible environment for employees to be able to achieve this. Trust, transparency, and collaboration are the building blocks of the culture and success. Everyone is actively encouraged to continually learn, develop, and challenge themselves to help them grow professionally and prepare them for the promotion opportunities of the future.

Why did Iridium join BigHand?

The combination of both organizations’ complementary product sets means law firms will now have a single platform for their financial and operational data.

With the combined product offering, we will be the best choice to support our clients in achieving operational and financial excellence.

Together with BigHand, the Iridium team can offer clients advanced solutions and specialized domain expertise to enable them to improve their businesses operations.

“I have known members of the BigHand team for years and the cultural fit between Iridium and BigHand is perfect. We share the same values on client service, technical excellence, caring for team members and giving back to our communities. Martin and I look forward to continuing work with the Iridium team members, clients, and products as well as the BigHanders." - Tom Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Iridium Technology.

Product Support?

BigHand’s product lines are extending to include the Iridium BI, Intellistat, Steere, and SmartTime product families.

Iridium clients are now fully supported by the combined Iridium and BigHand team. This acquisition means we can offer law firms leading legal business intelligence and financial applications.

"BigHand and Iridium together now offer a complete range of BI, profitability financial management, time recording, matter pricing and analytics solutions to the legal industry. The two teams working together will ensure law firms get enhanced access to extensive domain expertise and feature-rich products." - Rob Stote, Managing Director of Profitability at BigHand.

The Iridium Management Team
The executive team from Iridium has joined BigHand. See the team below.

Iridium Technology History

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