Safeguarding Profitability with Effective Resource Utilisation
The level of employee volatility within law firms is unprecedented. Lateral hires (and therefore attrition) are at an all-time high; salaries are rising fast; and a stand-off is emerging between firms’ hybrid working policies and employee expectations. In the face of these challenges, is profitability being compromised?

Download the report to uncover how firms are safeguarding profitability with effective resource utilisation.

What's in the Report?

In May 2022, BigHand gathered a total of 836 responses across senior Operations, HR, Resource Management and Practice Group Leader roles, from firms of 50+ lawyers in North America and the UK, to understand the impact of these new developments on law firm operations and profitability. This guide digs into the data to explore how firms are responding to industry trends, as well as the demand for dedicated resource management expertise and technology. Topics include:

  • Resource Utilisation
  • Unfamiliar Cost Pressures
  • Empowering People with Resource Management Technology


Download the full report above.

Download the full report above.