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Legal Workflow Trends for Mid-Size Firms
This report considers the workflow management trends between lawyers and support staff within UK firms of 100-199 lawyers, and how they can seize their inherent advantages in 2022 and beyond.

During May 2021, BigHand gathered a total of 914 responses across senior Operations, HR, Support Services, Resource Management and Practice Group Leader roles, from firms of 50+ lawyers in the UK, North America and APAC. This follow-up report specifically considers the workflow management trends for UK firms of 100-199 lawyers.

What's in the report?

  • The impact of the pandemic on staffing numbers; work allocation and billable time
  • The pressing need for more flexible working patterns and the associated opportunities and challenges
  • Support team reorganisation and centralisation plans alongside retirement and attrition trends
  • Access to workflow data and systems


Download the Legal Workflow Management Trends for firms of 100-199 lawyers above.

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