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Trends Analysis for Legal Support Staff Structures, Costs, and Value

Gain insight into year-over-year trends around legal team structures, turnover, costs, and the value support staff offer within a modern-day law firm. Some key findings from the analysis include: 39% of firms expect support staff salaries to increase by up to 10%.

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How law firm leaders can boost profits and enhance people productivity

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Leveraging People, Process and Technology to Accelerate Change

Examines how firms are leveraging people, process, and technology to accelerate change. Read Report Five to uncover why 91% of respondents believe that hybrid working would greatly benefit from better visibility of workloads. Unlock the key methods which law firms are leveraging investment to improve their support staff structures and see how BigHand Workflow Management is helping law firms achieve their long-term goals.

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Evolving Support Structure Best Practice Now and in the Future

Report Four examines how firms are understanding the shift towards a 75% centralized and 25% direct support model, and its impact on cost, efficiency, and client services. Learn how effective support services can set firms apart by meeting client expectations and leveraging a wider talent pool and find out how to leverage data insights to create optimal support structures that adapt to evolving market needs.

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(Continued) Lack of Visibility Despite Mandated Return to the Office

Return to the Office. Failing Hybrid Working. Costly Inefficiency. Manual Reporting Constraints. Transforming Visibility for Staff and Clients. Report Three of BigHand’s latest research into legal support services examines how firms are introducing enhanced visibility and automation into the end-to-end workflow process. And why traditional approaches fall short in addressing the core issue and may even exacerbate attrition rates.

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Managing Staff Attrition without Compromising Effective Performance

Continuing lawyer and support staff attrition crisis. Retirement time-bomb. Scarcity of skills. Report Two of BigHand’s latest research into legal support services unpacks how firms are evolving their support structures in response to rising staff attrition.

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Client Demand is Down, Expectations Up, How are Firms Responding?

Report One ‘Client Demand is Down, Expectations Up, How are Firms Responding?’ looks at the impact of reduced client demand and increased calls for cost-effective service delivery and how law firms are responding to this.

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