BigHand Advanced Workflow Datasheet


BigHand Advanced Workflow is a workflow tool built for law firms that allows lawyers to delegate tasks which are automatically routed to the right resource, at the right cost to the firm. Lawyers can submit and track work from a desktop or mobile device, enabling them to work from anywhere.

With tasks logged in a central hub, support staff have a clear view of incoming and pending work, while management gains powerful insight into the firm’s support function to better staff and manage their teams- ultimately streamlining service to lawyers, and in turn, to clients.

What does BigHand Advanced Workflow do?

BigHand Advanced Workflow enables firms to enhance the service delivered to the lawyers and the law firm’s clients in many ways:

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Lawyers can easily delegate tasks that should be completed by their PAs, or other support functions within the firm, allowing them to focus their own time on delivering (recoverable) billable time.
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Administrative staff and other central support functions are empowered to support both lawyers and executive assistants in the delivery of legal matters. Staff can also manage capacity and get additional support during busy periods by sharing work across the team.
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Support Managers can better manage peaks and troughs in demand across different users or departments by identifying backlogs and shifting work in real-time. They are able to make the best use of available resources and deliver the best possible service to lawyers and clients.
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PAs can use their focused skillset effectively by concentrating on the highest value work, not just whatever they might get asked to do by their assigned lawyers.
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Firm Management can access the data required to analyse, plan and optimise the firm’s support structure. The automated routing of work to the most appropriate resource ensures it is completed by the appropriately skilled employee, to a high standard and at the right cost to the firm.

The Big Benefits

Enhance client service

by applying the right skills to the right task, at the right cost.

Save money and boost profits

by avoiding bottlenecks, and submitting accurate work first time.

Improve turnaround times and law firm productivity

when the right team members have instant access to the right information.

Share and receive work seamlessly

and evenly between different teams and offices.

Understand your resource capacity

with real-time law firm workflow visibility and data.

Support your support team

Enabling support processes to run more effectively, BigHand Advanced Workflow automatically captures key metrics and operational data on what is going on in the back office of your firm. This information is critical to optimising support staff performance, when evaluating how effective your current support staff structure is in supporting your business objectives, and essential when considering any changes to the structure of the support function within your firm in order to make decisions based on real data.

Maximise the right resource

With BigHand Advanced Workflow, firms can ensure that tasks are easily captured, automatically distributed correctly, tracked through to completion, and manage their teams more effectively while gaining valuable operational insight show how much work there actually is, how much effort is required to clear the backlogs, if it is being done by the right resource and how long it is taking. Using this data firms can, for the first time, truly understand how they improve the service their support teams are providing to the lawyers and in turn the service from the lawyers to their clients.

Enable enhanced service

BigHand Advanced Workflow is the essential link between lawyers and the support staff who assist them in delivering the highest quality legal service to their clients.

BigHand Advanced Workflow allows support staff managers to evaluate backlogs in real-time and balance workloads across support members or teams in order to optimise the output from support staff and ensure the highest quality of service is offered to the firm's lawyers and clients.

BigHand Advanced Workflow – Key Features

Easily send work from lawyer to support

✔ Lawyers can delegate tasks from their desktop, mobile, email, or simply ask their PA to do it for them

✔ Drag and drop interface from MS Outlook enables seamless integration to existing lawyer working practices

✔ Attach files (or links to files) from iManage or NetDocuments or shared folders

✔ Capture the right information when submitting tasks, and save lawyer preferences, to streamline processes and ensure tasks are completed “right first time”

✔ Track task progress in desktop or mobile applications

Create a system that works for your team

✔ Gain visibility of the right tasks for their role, in a single system

✔ Effectively share work within and across teams and focus on the tasks most appropriate for their role

✔ Mapping of existing support processes where multiple steps exist reduces change management and encourages optimised processing

✔ Encourages sharing of work within teams to provide cover for absences or fluctuating working days/hours

✔ Teams have all the information required for tasks, first time and in the optimal order, increasing the likelihood of hitting deadlines

Create rules and effort estimates by work type

✔ Automatically deliver work to the right resource based on the firm's support staff structure

✔ Default priorities selected automatically for a task request based on the firms’ preference

✔ Suggested due-by times based on the effort estimation, making it easier for lawyers to submit requests with achievable deadlines

✔ Effort estimates ensure assistants, support team members and managers have visibility of the effort required to clear backlogs and forward plan

✔ Effort estimates can be modified to improve understanding of effort required to clear backlogs

Get visibility into workloads

✔ “Work administrator” role provides real-time manager oversight into current backlogs (highs, lows and bottlenecks)

✔ “Work administrator” role also empowers proactive management to improve service and predict problems, while enabling review of previously submitted tasks for an extended time period.

BigHand Advanced Workflow - Optional Features

Get robust reporting capabilities

✔ Unique Data warehouse automatically populates whilst users submit and process tasks in the BigHand system, giving better insight into the team

✔ Suite of default reports (delivered in Microsoft Power BI) to provide real-time and historical insight into backlogs, throughput, and service levels and effectiveness of support teams and individuals

✔ Empowers the firm with the ability to make data-based decisions on staffing

✔ The Insight Data Warehouse also presents an opportunity for firms to build their own custom reports from the extensive data captured in the system

Time sheets from BigHand Team Tracker

✔ Support staff time sheets are automatically created as they work on tasks throughout their shift

✔ Additional tasks can be manually entered where staff have worked on tasks or assignments outside of the standard BigHand workflow

✔ Where assisting colleagues, manually entered time can be attributed to an existing task in the BigHand system

✔ Managers can adjust automatically captured time entries (where appropriate)

✔ Shift hours assigned to departments (and modified by users or their managers, where appropriate) allow measurement of utilisation

✔ Utilisation reports at department and user level allow measurement of performance

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