Access Law Group has its head in the cloud with BigHand Workflow Management

Down on the south coast of New South Wales, you would not be forgiven if you hadn’t seen the recent launch of Access Law's new brand, values and purpose.

With leading lawyers across Wollongong, Camden and Sydney, Access Law Group (ALG) continues to grow through its attitude and focus on solving problems and protecting the business interests of commercial and personal clients. Many firms in NSW stopped and took a breath in 2021; ALG hasn’t. They have continued to focus on strategies, supporting its employees throughout the pandemic and continuing to move offices and achieve their goals.

More recently, the decision was made to utilise a leading software in the cloud, with the recent approval to continue its relationship with BigHand, now heading into its 10th year in 2022. ALG will convert the current voice users to the full BigHand Workflow Management solution, enabling lawyers, legal support and the leadership team to have full visibility of the activities being completed for clients across their offices. 

BigHand Workflow Management is a task delegation solution that allows work to be automatically routed to the right support staff at the right cost to the firm, and monitored throughout the process. Output reports can be used by management for visibility of key metrics like work type, volume, capacity and utilisation to allow firms to make data-driven decisions around staffing, training and performance.

Narelle Hawken, Practice Manager and ALPMA Board Member NSW, shared, "ALG in 2021 has achieved so much change and our employees were part of that all the way. We are client-focused and our community is so important to us that every decision we make we consider these elements.” 

Narelle went on to say, “With our new cloud strategy, we can maintain the best of breed solutions and take our current users onto a cloud solution that provides ease of use and enable delegation of work seamlessly. ALG now have a solution that enables the management of the migration to hybrid working, ensuring our clients continue to receive the best service and the best person to deal with the right task.” 

Tony Bleasdale, Managing Director BigHand APAC, commented, “There is something in the water on the South Coast, in fact across regional Australia. What 2020/2021 has done is enabled firms to pivot to hybrid working through necessity then find solutions that allow the lawyers to continue to delegate work as if they are sitting next to the legal support teams."

"On top of that, it has also now provided firms visibility of capacity, ensuring they are resourcing those practice groups at the right level with the right roles or skill sets. This, in turn, means current staff can use the advanced skill set they have with clients and enable new fresh roles into the firm to focus on other tasks that would normally distract key support staff!” 

As the Access Law Group vision highlights, “We are an approachable, dynamic and experienced family of professionals working together and with our clients and our community to produce effective outcomes.” At BigHand, we couldn’t agree with this more as our partnership now goes to the cloud, we are excited to take another step forward in providing legal workflow for Access Law Group.