Resource Management Legal work allocation tool for improved forecasting, equity and profitability in matter staffing


BigHand Resource Management is a legal work allocation and resourcing tool that allows law firms to identify resources, forecast utilisation, manage workloads and add structure to career development for lawyers. The solution delivers real-time visibility of team availability and costs, improved profitability on matters and supports DEI goals and equitable allocation of work.  

The Big Benefits

  • Allocate legal work more efficiently, fairly and strategically 
  • Get real-time visibility of resource allocation and team capacity 
  • Showcase lawyers' skillsets and promote career development 
  • Facilitate equitable allocation of work and support DEI goals 
  • Empower lawyers to resource matters more objectively and profitably 
  • Track and monitor your teams’ activities to better utilise your people

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See BigHand Resource Management in action

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See BigHand Resource Management in action

See how BigHand Resource Management delivers a real-time view of team availability, supports hybrid working, improves profitability on matters, and supports DEI goals and equitable allocation of work.

How can BigHand Resource Management help me?

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Facilitate hybrid working, support DEI and improve profitability. Use actionable data including lawyer utilisation, skillsets and areas of interest, to matter details like associated time, individual availability and costs to drive decision making.

Ensure work is allocated fairly and evenly with capacity, career development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and profitability in mind. Gain visibility of individual workloads, utilisation, skillsets and desired areas of career development for informed decision making around headcount, training and succession planning.

  • Identify the right person for the job based on key information including skills, experience, cost, availability and more. 
  • Gain real-time visibility of what your teams are working on, their capacity, and the ability to make changes to the allocation of work.

  • Integrates seamlessly with PMS, HR and Time Recording systems or custom applications. When automated integration is not required, BigHand Resource Management offers the capability for you to import data without the overhead of manual entry or bespoke development. 
  • Available in the cloud or on premise. 

Lawyers can showcase experience, ensure they are given fair access to opportunities and flag areas of interest to support career progression, as well as view key metrics in real time, including forecasted activity and average billable hours to understand performance against firm expectations.

Key Features

Capacity Insights

Get visibility of capacity within teams, practice groups and firm-wide at an individual lawyer level.

Work Allocation

Plan and allocate work based on client demands, vacation planning, profitability, DEI and more.

Lawyer Profile Pages

Enable lawyers to track their progress against key metrics and objectives and take ownership of their workload. 

Skills and Development Capture

A searchable view of lawyer skills, sector knowledge, existing relationships and languages. 

Matter Detail

Visibility of run rate and future allocation against matter budget which help partners with better matter management. 

Resource Manager Dashboard

A view of key metrics and alerts for Resource Managers that help them deliver against objectives.

Partner Dashboard

A view of current and forecasted activity across the firm that allows partners to adjust to meet their objectives (profitability, client requirements, DEI initiatives, etc.). 

Resource Request Process

Central database where resource requests are made and logged. Users can input criteria such as skills, experience, lawyer level, duration and more.

Opportunities Board

Allows for visibility and transparency of open opportunities for associates. Enables associates to pro-actively register their interest in opportunities. 

Reporting & Analytics

Flexible reporting to provide instant visibility of key activity and capability metrics. Supports operational and strategic decision making. 

Workbook Sharing & Management

Manage workbooks across the entire system. Set up partners and leaders in different teams, offices and jurisdictions with the right visibility of their people.

Consulting (Optional)

We are the market leaders in delivering resource management structures to law firms and legal departments. We create a system that works for your specific needs and empower your team to maintain it.

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