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BigHand Document Creation is a DMS-integrated legal document solution that simplifies Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for streamlined legal document production. Standardized templates can be created without the need for complex code, and deployed firm-wide in a single click for consistency, branding and improved version control. Users can access key design features such as unlimited numbering, bullet points, styling and more. The solution builds on familiar Microsoft environments, for increased adoption and minimal training.

The Big Benefits

  • Speed up document production times 
  • Keep brand consistency with firm templates 
  • Format and style complex documents with ease 
  • Apply configurable document stamping 
  • Integrate with your DMS and CMS

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See BigHand Document Creation in action

Product Video - Document Creation - UK AU

See BigHand Document Creation in action

Learn how BigHand Document Creation allows users to utilise firm-approved templates, easily format legal documents and more in this 3-minute video. 

How can BigHand Document Creation help me?

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Optimise the quality of your legal documents while driving process improvement. Standardise document templates for consistent branding and improved version control, and simplify Microsoft tools for streamlined document production by any user, in any office, language, entity or jurisdiction.

Ensure documents are legal and brand compliant while streamlining document creation. Save time with simplified Microsoft tools that integrate with your DMS. Access key design features such as numbering, bullet points, styling and more, as well as centrally managed document templates for increased consistency.

Transparent and easy to implement with the familiar Microsoft environment for increased adoption and minimal training, and many integrations to systems including DMS, PMS, CRM and SQL databases.

  • Legal documents are the final product presented to your clients. Give your lawyers the tools to ensure they are legally compliant, consistently branded and client-friendly with centrally managed templates and pre-approved content. 
  • Give lawyers more time to focus on billable work with automated, streamlined document creation that simplifies Microsoft tools. 

Key Features

Easy Interface

Designed with input from support staff, lawyers and partners, so it meets the needs of your company, in a flexible, fuss-free fashion. 

Simple, Customisable Ribbon

Personalised ribbon and brandable user interface provide an optimised experience within a familiar Office environment.

User-friendly Boilerplate Wizards

Build powerful forms and populate the data fields automatically. Best of all, no coding is needed, except for exceptionally complex documents.

Flexible Template Access

Launch templates from any environment including Office, third party document management systems, SharePoint or bespoke applications.

Offline Working Mode

Stay productive even when not connected to the corporate network - you can continue creating and working on your documents wherever you are.

Author Lists

Lists are linked to the active directory for ease of selection, and office and language are easily selected at the document outset.

Integrated Template Designer

Instantly create new templates and precedents from within Word with the powerful template designer. No need to wait for offsite vendor support.

Centrally Managed Templates

Select templates in the customisable Template Launcher, with a handy wizard to capture all the relevant document information in one form.

Quick-fill Functionality

Users can save their wizard answers to re-use later. Easily create a new version of an existing document or use text from one document to create another.

Styling Tools

Users can utilise the many styling and drafting tools such as applying house styles for headings and numbering, for consistently branded documents with one click.

End Notes Browser

Gives users a view of all document end notes in one place without having to manually search long documents.

Many System Integrations

Including DMS, PMS, CRM and SQL databases. Plus  implementation and training is simple, fast and transparent.

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