Expert Interview: Return to Office for Law Firms is Posing Challenges with Rex Balboa


Video Transcript

Q: How does the data from the report compare to what you seeing in the market?

A: It definitely reflects the trend of bringing trying to be bring people back in to firms. Also, it matches kind of a trend of maybe firms being a bit overstaffed over COVID. However, one thing that it seems to miss is I've had interactions with two firms who were very much straight out, ‘Hey, we are not, we are not able to find qualified people for the positions that we need to put them in. So we're going to hire unqualified people and train them up.’ So what I see in the report matches my experience with that caveat.


Q: How can firms mitigate these challenges?

A: I think that the big mitigation is, get more information. Right now, decision makers do not have a clear view into what's happening with tasks or at their firms. You know, a task tracking system like workflow advance, it provides the real time view into what's happening now. But then also provides trending information. Things that can help with training, staffing levels, identifying employees that are going above and beyond.


Q: What is your key takeaway?

A: Law firms are looked seem to be looking to the return of the status quo. When you know if I can borrow something from Dr. Horrible sing along blog, ‘the status is no longer Whoa’. Hybrid work is a new reality. It's going to figure into ongoing recruitment and engagement efforts. Bringing people back to the office might increase visibility a little bit, but I'm not sure that that's going to be worth the discontentment and possible resentment. And beyond that, bringing people back to the office doesn't really answer the increasing needs of law firm clients for efficient and cost effective. Firms need data to better understand other support staff operates in a task management system to ensure a job gets into the right hands, at the right time, and I think BigHand Workflow Advance offers that.

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