BigHand Speech Recognition - helping you achieve more in less time.

Find out how Wedlake Bell has increased client service output, reduced work backlog, decreased turnaround times and more, since implementing BigHand Speech Recognition.

Wedlake Bell has 59 partners supported by over 170 lawyers and support staff, operating across three practice Groups. As a decade long user of BigHand, the decision to adopt BigHand Speech Recognition was straightforward. David Hymers, Head of IT at Wedlake Bell confirms, “BigHand has a very low support overhead, it works well, and the interface is very easy to use."

Improving Efficiency

Since go live in September 2017, the impact of the adoption of Speech Recognition, in tandem with BigHand v5 has been significant. Tasks are automatically going to the best resource to ensure faster turnaround and, most importantly, a large proportion of dictations are now no longer dealt with by secretaries but handled by BigHand Speech Recognition.

Future Expansion

The IT team regularly check the analytics provided by BigHand to better understand who is using the technology and how. The team then use this insight to inform on-going business engagement. A further ten fee earners are lined up for BigHand Speech Recognition training and a specific trainee engagement programme is planned for later this year, ensuring the firm continues to expand its adoption of the technology.