Advancing efficiencies: tech-savvy law firm see reduced task turnaround times with the integration of two leading software technologies

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors implement BigHand Digital Dictation, and integrated solution Tikit P4W case management.

Award winning law firm, Hunt & Coombs, offer a range of comprehensive legal services to Peterborough and the surrounding region. With four offices and over 100 staff, the firm recently set about a review of their internal processes with the aim of driving increased efficiencies. As part of this review, BigHand Digital Dictation was selected along with Tikit’s P4W case management system, to optimise internal document production through the seamless integration of both technologies.

The increased visibility also continues into the BigHand reporting capabilities. Tracey explains, “We find the reporting in BigHand really easy and useful. The fact that you can look at historical and live data to find out how much is being dictated, and how quickly it’s getting done is useful not only for IT, but HR too.”

Looking to the future, Hunt & Coombs will roll out BigHand Speech Recognition, which will increase internal efficiencies even more. Tracey concludes, “We are very happy to be seeing improved transcription and document turnaround times in the firm, assisted by BigHand Digital Dictation. Our users find it very easy to use and are already making time savings, which will only increase once we have implemented P4W and users have less clicks to get what they need to complete a dictation or task.”