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Your journey to operational excellence starts with BigHand. Starting with consultation, we'll tailor a configurable solution that addresses your unique business challenges, from matter pricing and lack of business intelligence, to poor visibility over your team's workflows, helping you become more efficient and profitable.

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Plan, manage and monitor all matters more efficiently.

Analyse your business performance and give your teams access to better information, enabling quick and easy budget creation, tracking and pricing for profit.

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Make more informed decisions with better business intelligence.

Get a true view of your firm's finances at all levels including profitability, lock up and aged debt. Eliminate guesswork and poor financial matter planning, simplify complex data, and improve your teams’ productivity without the worry of analytical bottlenecks.

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Delegate your way to operational excellence.

Harness the power of configurable digital workflows to stay productive even on the go, gain insight into your support teams, and make informed business decisions.

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Financial excellence through first-class business intelligence.

Get to grips with your financial data in real-time, empower your teams to work smarter, and effect real business change at all levels.

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A powerful insight into your margins, pricing and profitability.

Price better, plan faster and profit more, by tracking matter budgets in real time, and pricing transactions before you’ve even made them.

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Save hundreds of valuable hours with digital dictation and speech recognition.

Harness the power of voice, the fastest way to communicate, to streamline processes, and empower your teams to work quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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Become more efficient with better template management.

With a quick, easy template management system, your teams can create fully-compliant, easy-to-access branded templates at the touch of a button.

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Combat formatting inefficiencies with reliable, rapid document styling.

Don’t let formatting errors waste your resources. Enable your teams to create consistent, compliant documents with a click of a button.

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Protect your organisation from metadata risk at the click of a button.

Don’t send sensitive information into the wrong hands. Our powerful solution empowers your teams to cleanse documents easily.

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Set better standards and manage version control with precision document stamping.

Achieve total control and consistency across your documents, keep better records, and improve compliance.

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Outstanding customer support you can rely on.

In the words of our loyal customers: "Our solutions 'do what it says on the tin', and the support and services is what sets us apart".

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Prepare stronger pitches that win new business.

Enable business development and marketing teams to quickly build brand-compliant tenders and pitch documentation that give you an edge in today’s increasingly competitive market.

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Empower fee-earners and optimise your stretched support staff.

Give management better visibility over the workflows of their legal and support teams, understand who's working on what, and boost professional productivity at every level of your firm.

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Don't let compliance hinder your teams' productivity.

Our innovative solutions geared towards the Finance sector allows your teams to be fully optimised and stay on the right side of relevant regulations and compliance at all times.

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Stay efficient and productive, even on the go.

Give your teams support and easy access to workflows that keep them in-the-know and productive when they’re out of the office.

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Together, we Make Big Happen.

Our team of BigHanders take the time to understand your challenges, and are always on hand when you need us most.

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September 06, 2019

How one law firm has secured first-class service by mobilising its workforce

Clark Willis has chosen BigHand’s subscription based digital dictation solution, BigHand Professional, to bolster its flexible working practices. Clark Willis, a fast-growing law firm in the North East, is set to introduce more flexible working and ensure the firm is fit for future growth, following the implementation of BigHand Professional.

With increasing pressure for law firms to do more for less, there is a growing necessity for firms to adapt their working practices in order to remain agile and deliver optimal client service.

Clark Willis has risen to the challenge, as Tanya Bloomfield, Partner at the firm, explains, “As a firm, we recognised the need to modernise some of our working practices and knew that being able to work flexibly whilst out of the office was a good place to start.”

“With BigHand Professional, fee earners can now dictate work to our support staff whilst they’re at court, or at home, meaning there’s no time wasted catching up when they get back to the office.”

BigHand Professional also ensures that there’s an audit trail for every piece of work, so vital information doesn’t go missing. In addition, dictations can be given different priorities, or assigned a due by date, to ensure deadlines are met.

Tanya continues, “The BigHand Go app is so easy to use and has some great functionality. I was recently stuck in a traffic jam for four hours and was able to dictate some urgent work through to the office and mark the priority as ‘high’ to ensure it was picked up straight away.”

The firm is also currently testing the use of BigHand Speech Recognition with a view to decrease the amount of time support staff spend on typing tasks, and free up time for more higher-value, varied work.

Tanya concludes, “BigHand has taken the time to really understand our business objectives and have earned themselves a reputation as a valued partner to the firm. The BigHand software is one part of our IT that has never caused me any problems and the whole implementation was seamless.”

“At Clark Willis we pride ourselves on our exceptional client service, and the flexibility that BigHand Professional has given us means we can maintain the same first-class service as we continue to grow in the future.”