Pricing and Profitability Matter pricing, profitability and budget tracking software


BigHand Pricing and Profitability is a PMS-integrated matter budgeting, pricing and tracking tool designed for law firms to manage their matters financially. The solution supports pricing teams and lawyers to achieve better financial outcomes through data-driven budgets and costs, better resource plans, lower write-offs and clear client reporting. 

The Big Benefits

  • Price for profitability 
  • Create budgets, top-down or bottom-up
  • Track and manage budgets against actuals
  • Analyse, and clone past matters for more accurate budgets 
  • Apply what-ifs to compare budget scenarios  
  • Keep clients updated with budget reports 

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See BigHand Pricing and Profitability in action

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See BigHand Pricing and Profitability in action

See how BigHand's legal pricing software allows you to create and track matter budgets and price for profit in this 2 minute video. 

How can BigHand Pricing and Profitability help me?

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Increase profits through better financial management of matters. Achieve better financial outcomes for increased profitability and client value through data-driven budgets and costs, better resource plans, lower write-offs and clear client reporting. 

Gain a data-driven understanding of matter profitability. Create simple or complex budgets to meet client demand and calculate key KPIs in real time. Use historical data for informed decisions and select different resources and fee arrangements to predict the most profitable price.

Increase firm profits. Remove wasted time from manual reporting and make smarter financial decisions. Track and monitor live progress of the financial performance of your matters against budget and receive regular notifications. Gain a data-driven understanding of matter profitability drivers like leverage, effort and costs.

  • Users can start pricing efficiently right away, without the need for extensive training or systems management. Intuitive dashboards help users to map, plan, monitor and track legal matters with ease. 
  • Quick and easy implementation with seamless integration to different business applications.

Lawyers can build their own commercial acumen while keeping clients more informed, with instant visibility of matter performance and regular update notifications. 

Key Features

Budgeting and Tracking

Intuitive user interface that provides both budgeting and real-time tracking in a single convenient environment.

Cost/Profitability Projections

Easily adjust resources and rates in ‘what-if’ scenario planning to create to deliver the best pricing for you and your clients.

Automated Billing and Cost Loading

Eliminate the guess work when pricing a matter.

User Created Templates

Allow the firm to cater to unique client demands.

Historic Matter Import

Allows for a deep pool of matters to choose from when cloning based on past matters.

Role-Based Access

Configure access so users only see what they are supposed to see.

Matter Tracker

Provides complete analysis on matter and timekeeper performance.

Automated Alerts

Get notifications to stay on budget and informed for clients. 

Group Performance Reports

Allow the user to see a how a group of matter budgets are performing.

Budget Version

Gives client the complete picture of how they got from A-to-B on any budget.

PMS Integrated

Connect with your PMS and other business systems to ensure data quality and accuracy.

Intuitive Dashboards

Map, plan, monitor and track matters without extensive training.

Remote Working Enabled

Create and monitor budgets anytime, anywhere.

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