How to organise and modernise your legal support services - Parts 9 & 10

Read part 9 & 10 of the guide: How to Organise and Modernise Your Legal Support Services. How do you know which is the best for you? Will this be evolution or revolution? Find out in this guide

Parts 9 & 10: Either the horse or the cart go first (or both)

Undertaking the restructure and then introducing software to support it is one approach. Implementing software first and then transitioning to the new model is another. Doing both together is a third-way. How do you know which is the best for you? Will this be evolution or revolution?

The change is the driver; the software is the enabler. On that basis the software acts as the horse and the change is the cart. The software enables the change to happen / move. On first glance therefore the software goes first and there is a strong argument for this based around the following key areas:

Data provides insight. That insight allows you to determine your future state more clearly and with more accuracy. The software will provide that data once in use. Getting it in early gives you that insight to make informed decisions.

Get comfortable. Once people have moved from using email or paper based forms for allocating work habits are broken. Now introducing the idea that the work might be done by someone else is then a separate, incremental change

Current process is the constraint. The current ways of working, the current methods of delegating and allocating tasks are both constraining what is possible for organisational structure. If you currently walk up to your PA and ask for something that will now be handled by a central team in another office that is difficult. The software is needed to allow the change to happen. 

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