How to organise and modernise your legal support services - Parts 11 & 12

Read part 11 & 12 of the guide: How to Organise and Modernise Your Legal Support Services. How will you approach the transition? And in what order? Find out in this guide

Parts 11 & 12: Who goes first?

If your firm has multiple teams, departments, offices and processes then deciding which areas to focus on first will be imperative. How will you approach the transition? And in what order?

On a general level “Me, me, me” is not a common response when trying to find people to take part in early adopter phases of support services change.

Being volunteered (by someone else) is, however, definitely worse. Use the following checklist for planning where to start:

Has a team or individual got a need/problem this change will satisfy if done correctly?
Has anyone specifically requested that they are keen to change the way they operate?
Is any group in the firm known for being innovative (successfully)?
Do any areas already work in a similar way for easiest adoption?
Which practice area (or their head) will happily make positive noises about it (and will be listened to)?
Will anyone else in the business care?
Are working practices very different from other teams? (remember the power of perception)
Can you sensibly ring fence enough support resource to isolate the change into one area?
Are any practice areas able to access baseline data more easily than others?

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