March 28, 2018

Celebrate Success

Being able to articulate the future means you know when you have arrived where you intended to. Whilst the temptation will be the next project on the list, don’t forget to celebrate success. The firm gets its reward based on the initial business case, finding a way to thank staff will help get buy in for your next challenge. How best to say thanks? How will you make key individuals part of the longer term incentive?

Well done for getting this far! But don’t wait to the end There will be various successes throughout the project which can be shared.

They add momentum and give credibility. As outlined above, using real people, real customers and real observations about success can be impactful. Here your project sponsor, early adopters and identified ambassadors will be hugely valuable. Some milestones you could celebrate:

  • Technical infrastructure in place
  • Initial feedback from workshops captured
  • Phase 1 team goes live
  • First customer to witness a material benefit
  • Example of duplication removed from age-old process
  • Comments on process being preferable from internal people

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