Report: COVID-19 Has Changed Law Firm Operations and Management Dramatically
The COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed unprecedented change in law firm management and operations. Within weeks, days, or sometimes just hours, law firm employees were forced to shift from their office locations to a fully work from home (WFH) setting. No one could have predicted such a phenomenon, but the transformation to virtual work was both rapid and complete. The question is, what happens next?

What's in the report?

  • 5 key findings from the ALA survey and webinar
  • Data and insights from ALA members who attended a webinar panel discussion titled “How to plan and manage when change is the only constant”
  • Commentary from panelists Murray Joslin, Senior Vice President of Global Business Enablement at Integreon; Eric Wangler, President, North America at BigHand; Eric Seeger, Principal at Altman Weil, Inc., and Kacee McCalla, Director of H.R. Operations at Baker Donelson
  • Murray Joslin
    Senior Vice President of Global Business Enablement, Integreon
    Eric Seeger
    Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.
    April Campbell
    Interim Executive Director, ALA
    Eric Wangler
    Global Managing Director of Workflow, BigHand
    Kacee McCalla
    Director of H.R. Operations, Baker Donelson