Product Video: BigHand Document Creation

Video Transcript:

To all law firms, legal documents are a reflection of your brand, reputation, experience and success. But creating high-quality consistent documents, quickly and efficiently, can be time consuming for your staff.

It’s all too easy to end up with inconsistent layouts and frustrating formatting issues. And reusing old documents can easily lead to branding inconsistencies, security concerns and out of date information being used.

To give staff more time to focus on higher-value work, and ensure your legal documents are consistent and of the highest quality, law firms need solutions that are quick and easy to use with minimal training requirements.

BigHand Document Creation is a legal document solution that simplifies Microsoft tools for streamlined legal document production by any user, in any office, language, entity or jurisdiction.

The document creation ribbon is customizable to your needs, and is organized into intuitive groups including accessing templates, creating new documents, drafting tools and production tools.

Author lists are linked to the active directory for ease of selection, and office and language are easily selected at the document outset.

Templates are centrally managed for consistency and can be selected in the customizable Template Launcher, with a handy wizard to capture all the relevant document information in one form.

The quick fill functionality allows users to save their wizard answers to re-use at a later date. It’s easy to create a new version of an existing document, or use text from one document to create another for additional time-saving.

Users can utilize the many styling and drafting tools such as applying house styles for headings and numbering, for consistently branded documents with one click.

The end notes browser gives users a view of all document end notes in one place without having to manually search long documents.

Common content like execution clauses and watermarks can be added or removed automatically in the document, with key functionality including the simple table of contents form, and inserting signature images into a document for those times when it might be difficult to obtain a wet signature.

Users can insert approved images and content blocks automatically to the document that will dynamically recognize the document style settings, and also send content off to be approved and used in future.

Printer settings are also easily configurable without the need to worry about tray settings.

With the familiar Microsoft environment, and our many integrations to systems including DMS, PMS, CRM and SQL databases, implementation and training is simple, fast and transparent.

Get in touch today and make sure you join the many firms already benefiting from BigHand’s document creation solutions.