Webinar: Navigating the support staff attrition crisis through an effective, data-driven support structure

In our report, “Accelerating the Redesign of Support Services to meet Escalating Client Demand for Cost Effective Legal Services, we explore the continuing attorney and support staff attrition crisis, and the impact of retirement rates on skilled legal support staff.

Two fifths of firms expect to lose up to 40% of support staff to retirement by 2028 and 53% say support staff attrition is also increasing. How are firms maintaining effective service delivery in the face of recruiting and attrition challenges? And at what cost? We unravel the answers to these questions (and more) in our review of report two, “Managing Staff Attrition without Compromising Effective Performance”.

Discover proven strategies to navigate recruiting and attrition challenges, strike a balance between performance and retention, and leverage data to strengthen support staff.