BigHand Go now available to download from App store for Windows &iOS devices

BigHand Go, an advanced Digital Dictation, workflow and electronic document approval application, is now available for both Windows and iOS devices including smartphones operating on Windows 8 or later and the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

BigHand Go beat off competition from hundreds of other entrants to be named the Best Business Mobile App at the Inquirer Tech Hero Awards 2015 earlier this year. Andy Fielder, Chief Technology Officer at BigHand comments: “We were delighted when BigHand Go won Best Business App as it reflects the hard work and time that went into creating it. BigHand Go is a really great app that delivers real business benefits and we’re delighted that our clients recognise this and took the time to vote for us.”

The release of BigHand Go follows a stream of developments from BigHand as they continue to champion mobile working practices. Andy continues: “To ensure that our clients benefit from the latest mobile technology, we continually seek new opportunities to enhance our offering. We have seen a significant shift from traditional office-based working to more mobile working practices and in response developed BigHand Go.”

From today, all of BigHand’s Mobility clients will be able to download the app and access BigHand’s market leading technology whilst on the go. The app builds on the functionality that was available in previous versions, incorporating a range of enhancements and new features including: Client Mode, Approvals, Reply with Go and Full Workload Synchronisation as well as a more intuitive and friendly user interface.

The latest feaures

‘Client Mode’ lets you search through a list of your clients and associated cases and launch new Dictations directly against them. This drastically simplifies the process of profiling Dictations from an author, whilst saving time and removing the chance of human error. This also greatly benefits secretaries by ensuring they know exactly which client and matter that a Dictation relates to, without the need to query the author further.

The ‘Approve’ feature lets you review, then approve or reject documents by reviewing the complete document within the BigHand Go app, all as part of the BigHand workflow.

‘Reply with Go’ allows a user to forward documents (e.g. those received as attachments to emails) into the BigHand workflow, and then review it whilst recording comments or "voice markup" amendments. The Dictation and associated file are then sent via the appropriate BigHand workflow to be actioned by the support team or secretary.

'Full Workload Synchronisation' allows a user to view all of the same folders from BigHand Go app as from the BigHand desktop client. This ensures you are able to review team or individual backlogs even when away from the office.