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What is the Legal COO Network?

The Network was created after seeing a gap in the legal space for a community that provides a collaborative space for Legal COOs on an ongoing basis. We addressed this gap and founded the first network for Legal COO’s in the UK.

The Network aims to deliver insight and cutting edge thought leadership events specifically for board-level legal operational roles with the opportunity to meet and share ideas and experiences with peers in Top Tier law firms.

Benefits of joining the Legal COO Network:

COO Networking

Face-to-Face Networking Events

A series of live networking insight events each year, with expert commentary from inside the legal business world.

Legal COO Network Free Membership

Complimentary Membership

Free to join membership offered to those in leading legal operational roles.

Online Library and Research

Market research and Thought Leadership

Access to online content and exclusive whitepapers.

Upcoming Events

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