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Implementing Financial Intelligence to Give Law Firms a Competitive Advantage in 2022 and Beyond
In an effort to identify key trends among law firm financial leaders, a consortium consisting of BigHand, BRYTER, and SurePoint Technologies engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to conduct a series of interviews about the elevated expectations of finance professionals, the impact of the pandemic on the business of law, the application of data to decision-making, the perception of profitability, and the pace of innovation.

What's in the report?

From in depth interviews with 20 CFOs, seven finance directors and three accounting managers at law firms across the US with between 12 and 1,500 lawyers, Ari Kaplan reveals a striking shift in the role of law firm finance leaders, both in their value and impact. Many are using data to drive change in their organizations, amplifying the power of profitability, and leveraging their skill to fuel innovation. This report captures their perspectives and highlights the road ahead for law firms.

The findings give a unique view into the latest legal pricing and matter budgeting trends including:
• The rising and evolving role of finance leaders
• How technology and data are fueling the impact of financial leaders in law firms of all sizes
• Practical ways that firms are using data to drive change and create competitive advantage
• How firms are understanding and empowering their profitability

Access the full report above, or listen to the podcast or webinar recordings below.

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