The Legal Support Staff Survey

Access results gathered from over 800 legal support staff, revealing key trends in the way that lawyers and legal support staff are working together, as well as exploring current operating models and giving insight into how firms are organizing their back-office support services.

Introduction: The historical “lawyer and legal secretary” relationship has been undergoing significant change over the past decade. While there are many reports looking at the impact of this on law firms from a business perspective, little research has been conducted into the way this changing relationship has affected legal support staff. From workloads and job satisfaction, to skills development and career progression, it’s hard to tell how the experiences and expectations of legal support staff have been affected and what this means to law firms and the legal industry as a whole.

With little insight into the day-to-day workings of legal support services, there are many unanswered questions. Is work being sent to the right people? How is work being transferred from attorneys to support teams? Do tasks always include all the necessary information to complete the work accurately? From the perspective of support staff themselves, are hard-earned skills being utilized effectively and do individuals feel engaged with the wider business? Ultimately, what could be done better - from meeting client demands to utilizing staff skills and achieving job satisfaction, and what does an efficient, effective and enjoyable legal support role look like?

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