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The 4th Annual Law Firm Profitability Survey by LawVision and Iridium Technology
LawVision and Iridium Technology, now part of BigHand, surveyed law firm leaders on key topics such as overall satisfaction with profitability, strategic projects being pursued to address performance, reporting policies, tools/technologies in use, as well as the nuts-and-bolts of profit modeling and calculation.

What's in the report?

2022 marks the fourth year for our profitability survey. Lingering pandemic effects continue to pressure the legal industry in new and unexpected ways…from talent recruitment and retention challenges to technology adaptation issues. See below for report highlights and download your copy today for the full findings.

Download the full report above, or preview the findings in the infographic below.

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Tom Jones
Managing Director, Financial Productvity, BigHand
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Mark Medice
Principal, LawVision
Download the full report above.