June 25, 2015

Scottish legal firm strengthens long-standing business partnership with latest BigHand technology rollout to increase flexibility and boost productivity.

LONDON -Specialist solicitor and estate agency firm, Miller Hendry, has enhanced their existing BigHand voice productivity solution by implementing additional speech recognition and mobility modules as part of a continued focus on modernising working practices and increasing productivity.

“We have been working with BigHand for over 9 years and have developed a great relationship with the team,” says Lee Butler, the firm’s IT Director. “We are always looking for new ways to help our fee-earners and support staff to work smarter and when our BigHand Account Manager introduced speech recognition and the mobility suite, I immediately spotted opportunities to improve our processes.”

BigHand mobility is an advanced suite of smartphone and tablet applications and BigHand’s speech recognition automatically transcribes spoken passages into text.  Both modules work in conjunction with BigHand’s core digital dictation offering, further streamlining workflow processes and empowering users to make better use of time that would otherwise be unproductive.  With this latest functionality, Miller Hendry’s fee-earners are able to work effectively anytime, anywhere.

Lee adds: “With BigHand speech recognition, a server manages the mundane task of transcribing dictations, which frees up secretaries to work on higher value, more engaging tasks.  BigHand’s technology is highly cost-effective and has also contributed to a boost in team morale.”

Ernie Boath, Head of the Private Client Department, uses BigHand’s android app, to record and send dictations when working remotely.  He adds: “I use the android app together with speech recognition to continue working on the train and from home. I can record and send my dictations into the BigHand workflow and unlike secretaries, the speech recognition server never ‘clocks off’, which means I can remain productive around the clock.”

Lee ADDS:“The training that we have received from BigHand has been superb.  Our fee-earners were fully operational and achieving 95% speech recognition accuracy in less than 2 weeks - which far surpassed our expectations.  We are recording significant productivity and efficiency gains as users are able to achieve more in a shorter amount of time.”

For more information on how BigHand speech recognition technology and mobility suite can help optimise your firm’s resources, please contact the BigHand team.