Lewis & Lewis Uses BigHand, Sees 90% Cut in Transcription Turnaround Time

Lewis & Lewis switches to BigHand Professional Digital Dictation with Mobility to enable their attorneys to keep work moving, even when they are out of the office.

CHICAGO, IL - Lewis & Lewis, a personal injury law firm in upstate New York, has switched to BigHand Professional Digital Dictation with mobility to enable their attorneys to keep work moving, even when they are out of the office. With five offices across the upstate New York region, attorneys at Lewis & Lewis are frequently traveling to multiple locations for their work. Consequently, they need the ability to quickly and seamlessly send work to support staff when they are out of the office.

Prior to BigHand, the firm’s attorneys had been using micro-cassette dictation devices. However, with their attorneys constantly traveling and attending depositions and meetings away from the office, there was a lag time in getting dictations back to their secretaries for transcription. They realized this was no longer an effective way to work.

Attorney Edward Sundquist led the firm’s quest for an upgraded system. Having interned during college at a company that sold dictation solutions, he had a deep understanding of the technology and he knew exactly what their firm needed. He wanted a solution that would allow the attorneys to submit recordings, documents and photos, as well as approve documents and dictations while on the go. In addition, he wanted a cloud solution that would allow them to configure their own work groups and workflow to speed administration and turnaround times. He was impressed by BigHand Professional because it was a cloud solution that provided mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. And unlike other options they considered, it allowed the firm to configure specific work groups and routing rules.

As a firm, Lewis & Lewis places a big priority on efficiency, and they regularly monitor and analyze their performance to ensure they provide their clients with the best value. Sundquist has been very pleased with the productivity gains they’ve experienced, as well as the more streamlined workflow. He says, “With BigHand, we are now able to send a dictation immediately back to the office to have someone transcribe within the next hour or two. In the past, one dictation could take up to two days to turn around with travel and work schedules. Now, we’re seeing a ninety percent decrease in our transcription turnaround time in some cases, thanks to BigHand.”

The firm was also very happy with the ease of implementation. Sundquist commented, “We were able to get all five offices up and running in less than a month. Our attorneys were even able to set it up to use in their home offices themselves. And amazingly, one of our least technical attorneys was the first to fully adopt BigHand.”

About Lewis & Lewis
Lewis & Lewis is a personal injury law firm with offices in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Batavia, Jamestown and Olean, NY. With a focus on high-quality service at a fair cost, they strive to be an efficient and effective partner for their customers. They have been serving clients and helping them with their personal injury cases in the Buffalo area for over 70 years.