Holdens Solicitors drives quality-led business transformation with BigHand Professional and Speech Recognition

Holdens Solicitors has been providing legal services to clients in Lancashire, Cumbria and beyond for over 170 years. Its teams of experienced and dedicated professionals offer expertise in a diverse range of legal specialism, including crime, commercial and family.

In 2012, Holdens Solicitors embarked upon a wide reaching strategy to use technology to drive internal change for efficiency and effectiveness, building on its existing investment in BigHand Professional by adding BigHand Speech Recognition to further enhance the efficiency of dictation services.

While Holdens was keen to achieve the additional efficiency gains offered by the intuitive voice recognition technology, the firm had a far more ambitious objective: to leverage the additional time freed up as a result to drive organizational excellence and business transformation. As Susan Rutherford, Practice Manager for Holdens Solicitors, explains, “Law firms recognize that BigHand Speech Recognition and BigHand Professional can deliver significant improvements in productivity but few firms have recognized that it is also an important driver for improving core quality standards.”

Efficiency Gains

With 19 attorneys and 12 secretaries using BigHand Professional and BigHand Speech Recognition, the way in which dictations are handled has changed fundamentally over the last few years. Almost three quarters (72%) of all dictations have been sent to BigHand Speech Recognition since roll out, and usage is as high as 99% with some users.

The implication for secretarial resources is very significant, with secretaries spending 47% less time playing back BigHand Speech Recognition dictations. For attorneys, this means rapid turnaround, with speech recognition dictations completed 43% quicker than ordinary dictations.