AmLaw 200 firm gains real-time legal financial business intelligence with BigHand Quantum

A leading AmLaw 200 firm is set to deploy BigHand’s financial business intelligence solution, BigHand Quantum for real-time financial visibility and analytics to drive informed business decision making.

At a time when law firms globally are putting measures in place to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the innovative firm has ensured instant access to accurate data to support business decision making to future-proof the firm.

After an extensive review of the market, the firm chose BigHand Quantum - an advanced business intelligence solution which translates key financial data from any legal PMS, into self-service dashboards and reports.

The information can be tailored for lawyers, finance or management teams providing relevant, real-time financial visibility into key areas such as time entry, work in progress, debtors and individual client and matter profitability to make smarter, profit-driven decisions.

A key spokesperson at the firm commented, “We pride ourselves on delivering the best service to our clients and with BigHand Quantum in place, we will have immediate access to actionable financial data to drive informed decision making internally, and efficient service delivery externally.”

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