BigHand Team Tracker Datasheet

Get unique insight into time spent on all tasks to better understand workload and resource utilisation, with BigHand Team Tracker. For a deeper understanding of the available resources in your organisation, and how well they’re being used, BigHand Team Tracker gives you a unique overview of what’s happening across multiple offices and departments.

This transparency makes it simpler to allocate and re-allocate work based on capacity and manage teams more effectively. To view your data clearly, BigHand Team Tracker works seamlessly to automatically retrieve data on all BigHand tasks and display it in an easy to read timesheet. This can be information relating to the duration of the task, the client (if applicable), or whether the task is or isn’t billable. Once in Team Tracker, details associated with each task can be edited easily, helping you to more accurately account for your staff’s time

Click below to download the BigHand Team Tracker datasheet