BigHand Speech Recognition Datasheet

Cut down on expensive manual transcription time, and empower your teams to work efficiently and accurately, with BigHand Speech Recognition Busy people in your organisation rely on digital dictation to get their work done – the time spent manually transcribing notes can be an obstacle to their productivity, and ultimately profitability. Transcribing a 300-word recording takes a transcriptionist around 10 minutes. It takes BigHand Speech Recognition just seconds.

BigHand Speech Recognition technology automatically converts voice into text, meaning your staff can create whole documents just by using their voice. Smart, sophisticated, yet extremely simply to use, our industry-leading software builds up a speech profile for each user’s voice, with 99% accuracy. This solution helps your teams:

  • Craft emails, letters and general correspondence
  • Create file and attendance notes
  • Generate meeting minutes and actions
  • Produce statements and reports
  • Allocate tasks
  • Create reminders and lists
  • Save hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds in transcription costs.

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