BigHand Metadata Removal Datasheet

Protect your business and easily remove sensitive metadata from important documents at the touch of a button, with BigHand Metadata Removal. To keep your business interests secure and protect your employees from accidental confidentiality breaches, it’s important to control your metadata. ‘Metadata risk’ can result in embarrassing situations that harm client relationships, your reputation, and your bottom line.

Hidden, personal metadata about your organisation and employees is produced during the process of any digital document creation. When these files leave your organisation, unchecked metadata presents a high risk of unintentional disclosure of private information. BigHand Metadata Removal is a powerful solution that pinpoints and removes sensitive metadata from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, fast, as part of the natural document workflow. Users can automate the removal of all metadata, or configure varying levels of metadata management, as well as easily converting documents to PDF, Secure PDF or PDF Archive.

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