BigHand Now Features List

Feature Description
Desktop Assistant A simple way to instantly initiate new task requests, no matter which application you are working within.  The Desktop Assistant icon remains present on the user's screen (on top of other applications) and allows drag and drop of files onto the icon, or a single click, to start creating a new task without the need to switch applications.
BigHand Now for Mobile (iOS) Enables submission of tasks from iOS based mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.
BigHand Now Mail Enables lawyers to submit tasks directly into the appropriate BigHand workflows by email, with any file attachments, including the email itself, added to the task as attachments.
"Submit on behalf of" the lawyer Allows support staff to log tasks on behalf of a lawyer, enabling no change to working practice of lawyers with assigned PAs, and empowering support staff to pass work to the correct resources within the firm.
File Attachments File attachments ensure the relevant supporting documents are available along with the task request.  Ability to drag and drop from Outlook, and integrations with iManage & NetDocuments enable links to documents stored in the document management system can be attached rather than the document itself, ensuring file permissions in the DMS remain in control access to client related documents.
Configurable Task Forms The simple to use drag-and-drop form builder lets you quickly build and modify task forms to suit your specific requirements for each request type, without the need for developers for either initial set-up or ongoing changes. “Required fields” can also be configured to ensure the crucial information required to complete the task “right first time” is included with every request when submitted. This can include the “due by time” to ensure a deadline is known when the task is initially submitted.
Client/Matter Lookup fields Integrate with your in-house systems (DMS, PMS, CMS or other database) to retrieve client and matter information
Templates (previously Encore forms) Allow users to save pre-filled forms to reduce the task submission process to a minimal number of clicks.User templates are available to support staff submitting tasks on behalf of lawyers, ensuring their “usual requests” are actioned in the way the lawyers expect.
Intelligent Work Routing Ensures tasks are sent to the correct resource within the business with the appropriate priority, including asking for a deadline where necessary.
"Due By" priority The “due by” priority prompts the user for a deadline for task completion, and defaults to a sensible minimum timescale based on the task effort estimate.
Effort Estimates Effort estimates for each work type can be automatically applied at submission and can subsequently adjusted by support staff once tasks are evaluated.  Enables true visibility and understanding of the total effort required to clear backlogs, not just the number of tasks there are to complete.
"Start By" time Calculated using the “Due By” time and “Effort Estimate” to ensure users see the latest time they can start a task and expect to hit the deadline.
Track task progress through Hub / BigHand Go Clear visibility of your own delegated tasks, tasks you need to action, or tasks in pooled folders ensure lawyers, support staff and managers have clarity on what is happening with each task they need to see.  This extends to BigHand Go for lawyers, who can check on all task progress through the mobile app.
Single system for delegation of Tasks and Dictation A single location for all delegated tasks simplifies processing and management of tasks and reduces the risk of tasks being lost/forgotten if spread across multiple systems.
Configurable Workflow (right work to right place) Simple to configure, single or multi-step workflows allow the right work to be easily passed to the appropriate resource.  You can map existing support process into the workflow (e.g. Intake step / Processing step / QA step) & pool work within centralized teams or departments/offices to increase work sharing and easy cover for absence.
Permissions based access Flexible permissions allow access to different task backlogs as required, ensuring visibility of task progress to Attorney/PA/Managers as required.
Customizable views Users to sort & group work enables them to focus on the most appropriate tasks first (e.g. sorting by “Start By” ensures support teams are more likely to pick up tasks with the most pressing deadline).  Search allows users to quickly find the task they are looking for by its unique task ID or any other field.
Notifications Notifications for incoming work at an individual or team/pool level are configurable by each user.

See the BigHand Now Datasheet