BigHand Create 7.7 Datasheet

BigHand Create is a stable and well established document template management solution that gives organizations control over the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates that their employees use. The technology is currently helping over 40,000 professionals to work self-sufficiently, without needing extensive training or additional support from specialist document production teams.

Key features of BigHand Create 7.7: 

  • Integrates with Microsoft Word, Outlook, InterAction, as well as document management systems
  • Create customised templates for a vast range of documents like letters, agreements and reports
  • Manage and distribute templates from a central administration console
  • Integrate with existing SQL or Active Directory data sources to pull through data
  • Update details like author or addressee per template or template group
  • Renovate existing documents by accessing functionality via the BigHand Create ribbon
  • Use the BigHand Create Super Copy and Super Paste features to import content from other documents into branded templates

Click below to download the BigHand Create 7.7 datasheet