Barry.Nilsson. is set to deploy legal B.I. solution to drive financial visibility and reporting excellence

Barry.Nilsson. has chosen legal business intelligence solution, BigHand Business Intelligence, to underpin financial visibility and reporting excellence in the firm.

Barry.Nilsson. has chosen legal business intelligence solution, BigHand Business Intelligence, to underpin financial visibility and reporting excellence in the firm. Having dramatically expanded its national footprint in recent years to incorporate six offices, the firm was in need of a robust, accurate and easy-to-use financial reporting solution with real-time data analytics into key financial metrics including profitability.

After a period of sustained growth, it became apparent that the firms current financial reporting solution was not fit for purpose, with various challenges around accurate financial reporting, especially on profitability.

Andrew Price, Chief Operating Officer at Barry.Nilsson. explains, “We changed our PMS provider recently and needed a way to surface the data for accurate financial reporting, and to help us make informed, data-driven business decisions. Having reliable, timely financial data is now vitally important, not only for the finance teams, but also for lawyers, and to better understand and engage with clients.”

“We chose to swap our current reporting tool for BigHand Business Intelligence as we could see the time savings it would bring to our finance teams by reducing manual tasks. It was clear that the solution was an easy way to provide our lawyers with the key financial data they need. The winning factor was how quick the implementation process is, and that the solution is fully scalable for future growth of the firm.”

Intuitive dashboards are core to the financial B.I. solution, giving users access to coherent information tailored to their specific needs. It works with any legal PMS system and provides users with the actionable data they need to make smarter, profit-driven decisions.

Anthony Bleasdale, Asia Pacific Managing Director at BigHand said, “These are challenging times for law firms and businesses across the world, and we are proud to ease the transition to remote working for our clients. Having financial insight that is reliable and in real-time is fundamental for law firms to maintain healthy cash flow and support business decision making at this time.”

Andrew concludes, “We were really impressed with how configurable the dashboards are to our different user needs. They are really simple to use too which will help with overall user adoption.”

“We are looking forward to encouraging a culture of commercial awareness throughout the firm – something that will help us come out of the current climate on top. Having visibility of key metrics such as time entry, work in progress, debtors and individual client and matter profitability will help us make key business decisions, faster.”

About BigHand Business Intelligence

BigHand’s Legal Business Intelligence is the most advanced BI solution for law firms. It’s flexible, autonomous and source agnostic data warehouse solution, replaces manual law firm finance reporting with a real-time digital overview of your financial data.

Specifically tailored for lawyers, finance and management teams, it strips the complexity away from the mountains of information you generate. The self-service tool gives users controlled access to the appropriate legal finance data which can be quickly and easily shown through any visualization tool of choice, including PowerBI.

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