BigHand3 workflow solution eases Brachers' standalone system frustrations

An innovative, forward-thinking firm, the management team is continually appraising internal requirements, looking to technology to optimise working methods and strengthen its service to both commercial and private clients.

Two in five law firms haven't yet embraced dictation

Crucially, that statistic included all five of the magic circle firms — a statistic that no longer stands after Linklaters introduced digital dictation firm-wide.

Case Study
Linklaters turns to BigHand for true voice productivity

But crucially, until late in 2006, all five of the magic circle law firms were yet to bring in the technology.

BigHand gets to the heart of the matter with law firm Cripps

This is critical in a time when the legal sector is facing unparalleled change through

How to Organize and Modernize your Legal Support Services

Here we share a 13-part guide to building the future shape of your organized, centralized and modernized legal support services.

DLA Piper Delivers Collaborative Administrative Resource Model with BigHand Now

The legal market is undergoing the most significant change in a generation, one that requires law firms to fundamentally redefine operations. From the rise in competitive law firms specializing in the delivery of legal services rather than the practice of law, to the growing need for new metrics including Net Promoter Score rather than Profit Per Partner, the constitution and practice of law is undergoing extensive transformation.

The Legal Support Staff Survey

Access results gathered from over 800 legal support staff, revealing key trends in the way that lawyers and legal support staff are working together, as well as exploring current operating models and giving insight into how firms are organizing their back-office support services.

The Future of Law Firm Back Office Services and the Operational Blind Spot

In this whitepaper, we share findings from The Survey on the Handling of Administrative Support Work in Law Firms, which includes data captured information from law firm operations executives with titles such as COO, CFO, Executive Director and Chief HR Director, from firms ranging from 100 to 3,500 attorneys.

How Mid-Sized Law Firms Are Driving Improved Client Service

In this whitepaper, we share real-world examples of how mid-sized law firms are using technology to improve back-office processes and offer enhanced client service.

Progressive Firms Use Of Technology To Implement And Optimize Efficient Back-Office

In this whitepaper, we share real-world examples of the changes law firms are making in response to the "operational blind spot" and other back-office inefficiencies.

Insights Guide: How to think about value-based pricing in Legal

In this guide, we share why law firms often undervalue and under-price their legal services, where clients see law firm value based on the type of work, and when firms should be brave with pricing vs. when to be price-sensitive.

Whitfield & Eddy achieves flexibility with BigHand Dictate

When Whitfield & Eddy PLC, an Iowa-based firm with 55 attorneys across 4 offices, found it increasingly difficult to manage its existing mix of analog tapes and Olympus stand-alone dictation software, the firm began to look into an alternative solution. Not only would the new system need to save them time on the back end managing the software, but it would also need to maximize the efficiency of support staff in all their offices, increase attorney mobile productivity and help everyone get more done in less time.

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