Quickly streamline your communications

We understand the unique challenges you face. Our healthcare solutions, including digital dictation workflows and speech recognition, are designed to help busy healthcare professionals get on with the important business of improving patient care.

Optimise time-consuming transcription

Quality clinical documentation can be dangerously time consuming. Combining dictation, speech recognition and transcription, you can ensure structured, secure data is captured from your clinicians, fast, with BigHand One.

Using inbuilt Natural Language Understanding technology, staff can record on a variety of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and easily share, prioritise and track their voice files.

Streamline clinical correspondence

Get the right information to the right people, fast, while reducing overhead costs. Enable your clinicians and administrative staff to work together more easily, automating processes and improving operational efficiency.

Stay productive on the move

Empower your healthcare professionals to be productive no matter where they are. Featuring a range of mobility applications, BigHand Go enables digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow technology, all via smartphone or tablet – offering all the information required for assistants to quickly pick up and process.