Tailored solutions that boost profitability and deliver operational excellence.

Your journey to operational excellence starts with BigHand. Starting with consultation, we'll tailor a configurable solution that addresses your unique business challenges, from matter pricing and lack of business intelligence, to poor visibility over your team's workflows, helping you become more efficient and profitable.

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Plan, manage and monitor all matters more efficiently.

Analyse your business performance and give your teams access to better information, enabling quick and easy budget creation, tracking and pricing for profit.

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Make more informed decisions with better business intelligence.

Get a true view of your firm's finances at all levels including profitability, lock up and aged debt. Eliminate guesswork and poor financial matter planning, simplify complex data, and improve your teams’ productivity without the worry of analytical bottlenecks.

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Clinicians can spend less time on admin and more time on patient care.

Optimise time-consuming transcription, streamline vital clinical correspondence, reduce overhead costs, and keep your staff productive on the move.

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Delegate your way to operational excellence.

Harness the power of configurable digital workflows to stay productive even on the go, gain insight into your support teams, and make informed business decisions.

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Financial excellence through first-class business intelligence.

Get to grips with your financial data in real-time, empower your teams to work smarter, and effect real business change at all levels.

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A powerful insight into your margins, pricing and profitability.

Price better, plan faster and profit more, by tracking matter budgets in real time, and pricing transactions before you’ve even made them.

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Become more efficient with better template management.

With a quick, easy template management system, your teams can create fully-compliant, easy-to-access branded templates at the touch of a button.

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Combat formatting inefficiencies with reliable, rapid document styling.

Don’t let formatting errors waste your resources. Enable your teams to create consistent, compliant documents with a click of a button.

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Protect your organisation from metadata risk at the click of a button.

Don’t send sensitive information into the wrong hands. Our powerful solution empowers your teams to cleanse documents easily.

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Set better standards and manage version control with precision document stamping.

Achieve total control and consistency across your documents, keep better records, and improve compliance.

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Outstanding customer support you can rely on.

In the words of our loyal customers: "Our solutions 'do what it says on the tin', and the support and services is what sets us apart".

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Prepare stronger pitches that win new business.

Enable business development and marketing teams to quickly build brand-compliant tenders and pitch documentation that give you an edge in today’s increasingly competitive market.

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Empower fee-earners and optimise your stretched support staff.

Give management better visibility over the workflows of their legal and support teams, understand who's working on what, and boost professional productivity at every level of your firm.

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Don't let compliance hinder your teams' productivity.

Our innovative solutions geared towards the Finance sector allows your teams to be fully optimised and stay on the right side of relevant regulations and compliance at all times.

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Stay efficient and productive, even on the go.

Give your teams support and easy access to workflows that keep them in-the-know and productive when they’re out of the office.

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Together, we Make Big Happen

Our team of BigHanders take the time to understand your challenges, and are always on hand when you need us most.

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Be part of an award-winning team

With an award-winning culture, we’re voted one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for the third year running. Take a look if there’s a vacancy for you.

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Pricing is hugely important to a firm’s profitability

Many organisations still approach it without concrete, actionable data. Pressure from clients, regulations and even your own staff can make forecasting a headache.

What’s more, too many law firms are not tracking lawyers’ time against matter budgets, and there are misunderstandings about wider pricing strategies – all due to a lack of visibility.

With a more transparent look at business activity across each matter lifecycle, you can better understand your bottom line and plan your pricing in advance.

BigHand Evaluate is a next-generation legal matter planning, pricing and cost management solution. Turning data into actionable insight and transparency empowers your teams to make objective pricing decisions, armed with accurate real-time business understanding.

Gain real-time understanding of data and profitability drivers like leverage, effort and costs, giving your teams the autonomy they need to boost productivity.

The Big Benefits

Plan and price better

when you understand your bottom line, you're empowered to make smarter financial decisions.

Increased transparency and visibility

driving business value, analysing revenue instead of just project costs and enabling better conversations with your customers.

Autonomy for staff

by putting matter management back into hands of those who need it most, in a simple way.

Flexible structures

supporting centralised and decentralised pricing arrangements.

Better monitoring

using trackers and alerts to gain real-time insight into progress against budgets.

Accelerate your firm’s growth with better budgeting and pricing tools

BigHand Evaluate

With BigHand Evaluate, your teams are empowered to make objective pricing decisions, armed with accurate real-time business data.

BigHand Evaluate's intuitive solution offers visibility over your organisation's historical financial data and vital KPIs, allowing you to monitor efficiency and profitability across the business.

Better budgeting

New matter budget accuracy is critical in providing cost certainty for both clients and the firm. Flexibility and what-if analysis allows for informed discussions on scoping based on real-time data.

Our data science-based cloning module delivers weighted average pricing proposals based on firm-wide historical outcomes.

Monitor your budget in real time

"BigHand Evaluate allows us to monitor the budget in real time against actual. This provides an up-to-date picture of progress at any point in time, leading to a more informed relationship with our clients."- Mishcon de Reya LLP

Pricing for purpose

Pricing is a key profitability lever, and yet an experienced finger-in-the-air approach is still a common theme.
Rapidly assessing different resource level, rate and hour scenario changes with immediate insight on profit and realisation margins, as well as working backwards from a fixed fee ensures commercial viability across every type of legal matter.

Track your budgets and get alerts, so no more surprises

Configurable, automated notifications allow for a proactive approach on tracking matters, making sure everything is on budget and overruns are solved in a timely manner.

Monitoring allows the delivery teams to graphically track the progress of the engagements against the budget.

Our "forecasting estimate, complete by phase" features allows real-time insight into the impact of overruns versus remaining work effort on key profitability KPIs against the life of a matter.

Report on your finances

Client reporting requirements are ever increasing. Advanced, configurable reporting allows for complex requirements to be met by the partner on a self-service basis, ensuring the client’s demands are met in a timely manner in a format that is professional and easily digestible.

Precedent H reporting is reduced from spreadsheet hours to a few clicks of a button, allowing your Litigation teams to stay compliant and efficient.

Fully supports Precedent H

“When we undertook our complete technology update in 2015, BigHand was the only company that had spent time developing a solution to support Precedent H - and that enables us to quickly and effectively comply with litigation funding.” - Foot Anstey

We’ve got you covered with a simple, quick implementation

Quick, painless and efficient
Implementing BigHand Evaluate takes just weeks, not months. With similar timeframes for both deployment and getting your staff up to speed, we free up time so you can focus on the important things.

Seamless integration
BigHand Evaluate is an agnostic, standalone solution that works seamlessly with existing legal business applications, and is flexible enough to work alongside your ever-changing business requirements. It supports regulatory pricing requirements, where civil litigation clients must submit a budget before starting.


Only when you have full view of your teams' capacity can you plan and price future jobs accurately

Improve your margins with BigHand

  • Additive gains
  • Remove waste and cost
  • Create time and value
  • Insight for data-driven decisions
    • Leverage your experience
    • Evidence budget/pricing transparency
    • Prepare stronger pitches that win new business

    • Be selective in work bid for
    • Informed negotiation
    • Right level/mix of resources

    • Dictation and delegation on the move
    • Convert dead time to productive time
    • Shorten turnaround time for clients

    • Lawyers not writing off time spent typing
    • Low value work sent to right place
    • Lawyers not doing admin

    • Project manage scope
    • Track billing
    • Customer transparency and communication
    • Limit write-offs

    • Analyse past transactions
    • Identify profitable clients
    • Identify profitable practice

    • Be selective in work bid for
    • Informed negotiation
    • Right level/mix of resources

    • Speech recognition for first drafts
    • Automated file and attendance notes
    • No internal transcription required

    • Dictation and delegation on the move
    • Convert dead time to productive time
    • Shorten turnaround time for clients

    • Standardise where possible
    • Remove duplication
    • Stylise automatically

    • Centralise key specialisms
    • Drive increased delegation for all lawyers
    • Back-office visibility, reporting and SLAs

    • Lawyers not writing off time spent typing
    • Low value work sent to right place
    • Lawyers not doing admin

    • Identify which work can be outsourced
    • Direct link to chosen provider
    • Service level tracking and reporting

    • Improve revenue management
    • Track WIP and debtor days
    • Collect cash faster

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