Vantage is the product of over 6 years’ consulting and development by our expert technical team. Mason & Cook wanted to deliver a technical resource management solution for the legal industry that at its very foundations meets the exact needs of our clients. To achieve this, its foundations, processes and functionality have been designed and developed through engagement with numerous clients across the legal sector.


Making the process work for you

Every legal firm is different and each operate in their own way. We didn’t build Vantage to a set template. Vantage has the foundations that all firms require and can then be built upon, tailored and configured to enable it to work how your firm needs it to – whether you’re a large multi-national organisation, a legal department within a bigger company, or a smaller, regional firm.



Maintain the fidelity of your data across systems

Vantage can accept data feeds from your Practice Management, HR and Time Recording systems, data warehouses or custom applications so that data across the firm is consistent and reliable. When automated integration is not required, Vantage offers the capability for you to import your organisation’s data, for example using csv files, without the overhead of manual entry or bespoke development.

Managing your most valuable resource

Vantage provides a toolkit ensuring the Management processes can be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, while delivering new benefits to your people – your most valuable Resource.


User-focused, on all users

Vantage engages with the user and lawyers and as such helps to engage them in the resource management process.


Anytime, anywhere

Desktop, tablet or mobile – access the power of the Vantage platform conveniently, wherever you are.



Cloud or on-premise solutions

Whether your organisation has embraced Cloud, or prefers to host systems from their premises, there is a Vantage implementation to suit your firm’s operational and data security requirements.

Benefits driven from our approach
Three core areas of your will benefit from our resource management solutions – your people, your clients, and business productivity


  • Improved staff engagement and satisfaction
  • Career development support
  • Understanding of where specific expertise and relationships are across the firm
  • An impartial and objective process
  • Retention and attraction


  • Always have the most appropriate lawyers working on their matters
  • Wider diversity of lawyers working on their behalf – with data to back it up
  • Evidence that firms are managing their resources efficiently and appropriately
  • Value for money through efficient workflow


  • Track and monitor your teams’ activities to better utilise people and teams
  • The right work goes to the right place to maximise profitability
  • Real-time view of capacity and activity to helps manage resources
  • Smoother remote working is enabled, facilitates real time work sharing across multiple locations

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