December 21, 2016

Gould & Ratner LLP is a Chicago-based law firm founded in the 1930s.

The firm has grown from three attorneys to nearly 50, with a secretarial team of 17, servicing both organizations and individuals. Today, the firm represents numerous successful businesses and startups, entrepreneurs and families on a variety of matters.

The firm underwent an evaluation of its document production processes, including how it was managing its templates and formatting documents. After the evaluation, the firm rolled out BigHand Create, a template management solution, and BigHand Hyperstyles, a collection of formatting tools for Microsoft Word - both from the BigHand Produce suite.

Since implementation, Gould & Ratner has seen impressive results from the secretarial team using the BigHand* tools and is reaping the benefits of more confident secretaries who are working more efficiently than ever before.

Choosing the right technology partner

Gould & Ratner was quick to decide that BigHand was the right technology partner for the firm’s needs, and rolled out the document production tools to all staff.

Laura Sears comments, “BigHand was the obvious choice for us. Their products are the best available and we’re now only working with one supplier, which makes things very simple. On top of that, the cost is very reasonable considering how impactful the tools are to our business. It’s a great value for the money.”

Since starting to use BigHand, Gould & Ratner has continued to increase the number of licenses as the firm has grown, so all staff have access to the time-saving tools.

Implementing BigHand

Jackie Willis, IT Manager at Gould & Ratner, was pleased with the firm’s decision to roll out BigHand Create and BigHand Hyperstyles and was heavily involved with the implementation process.

“I come from a word processing background and really understand the importance of proper formatting techniques. I was pleased when I heard we were implementing BigHand Create and Hyperstyles as I’d been interested in them for some time. The implementation itself was a painless process for us. We received on-site training from BigHand, and within a couple of weeks our users were up and running, using branded templates and formatting documents much more easily.”

Results achieved with BigHand

A survey of 155 BigHand Hyperstyles client firms found that on average, BigHand Hyperstyles saves each user 1.5 hours of document formatting time per day. Some respondents stated the tool saves them significantly more time - up to 4 hours every single day. Taking the average result of 1.5 hours saved per day for a secretary whose rate of pay is £16.83 per hour, it can be estimated that BigHand Hyperstyles saves firms £6,337 per full time secretary, per year.**

* Esquire Innovations at the time of purchase
Results based on a full-time secretary working 5 days a week, 251 days a year